About Us

What does "Cup Zero" mean? Have you ever been asked, "how many cups of coffee do you drink in a day?" Well, our philosophy is that the first cup of coffee doesn't count. Usually, you are tired and just waking up. By the time you pour your second cup, you will conquer the day and enjoy your second pour of Cup Zero Coffee.

Founded in 2020, Cup Zero Coffee is a whole bean coffee company based out of Federal Way, WA. Our goal is to supply freshly roasted whole bean coffee as fast as we can to your doorstep. In some cases, within the same day, if within the delivery zone. Because everyone should have fresh coffee in their pantry at all times. If you run out, we are here to help.

Need to keep the beans coming? We will soon be offering a subscription service. With your permission, we'll send you a reminder email to restock your coffee bar until the subscription service is launched.

Our beans are only available in whole bean form to deliver the freshest coffee possible. Don't have a grinder, we got you covered. Visit the coffee preparation section of our website for grinders and brewing equipment.

Thanks for stopping by the Cup Zero Coffee store.