Dog Rescue

For eleven great years, our rescued pup Coco brought joy to our lives. After several emergency vet visits in February 2020, we had to say goodbye to our boy. As any pet owner who has lost a pet knows, a void was left in our hearts. We knew that someday we would rescue again but would wait until the fall. We made a family trip to Hawaii to get away, and upon returning from our vacation, we were quick to realize that our house was just too empty and so the search began.

Our Coco Bean

We joined several Washington State rescue and rehoming Facebook groups and one day posted and asked about any adoption events in the area. Someone referred us to what would become our new favorite rescue organization, Three Little Pitties. We kept an eye on their website for about a week. And then the unfortunate situation of COVID-19 started, and both of us were working from home. 

We had no plans to rescue a puppy. However, since we were working from home for the next few weeks, we decided a puppy was now an option. It didn’t take long before the litter of rescued puppies found under a house needed a home, and before too long, our new family member, Lei Lei, was on her way from Houston, TX to her furever home.

Our newest family member Lei Lei

From the time we submitted our application to the time she was handed to me in the destination pickup location, our experience was exceptional. We can’t talk more highly about the rescue and our experience. We try to recommend them to everyone we come in contact with, and I have personally signed up to be a volunteer photographer and hope to help when the COVID-19 situation is resolved.

And with that, we are so happy to let you know that a percentage of every sale will be donated to Three Little Pitties and their efforts to save both dogs and cats. 

Thank you for reading,

Steven & Amelia

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